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Vincero Chrono S
« on: June 13, 2020, 02:14:43 PM »

Vincero Chrono S watch is an elegantly looking dressy watch at an affordable price.

The watch features a Japanese (Citizen Miyota) Quartz movement. It is much more accurate than most Automatic watches and has a higher quality than generic China-made quartz movement. Citizen Miyota Quartz is one of the most value for money movement in the market.

What houses the movement is a 316L-surgical gred stainless steel case. The dial is not fully sapphire crystal, but only sapphire coated crystal which still provide good scratch resistant protection. The strap is made from top-grain Italian leather. I have seen reviews mentioned the leather is too tough. The one that I bought do not seem to have the problem anymore.

What really impressed me is the back of the case showcase a small piece of Italian marble. I must acknowledge it is a very unique design in watch making that gives an extra elegant element to the watch. The back case is also engraved with the words "veni, vidi, vici" which in Latin means "I came, I saw, I conquered." as a reminder to live your legacy.

Although Vincero tried very hard to potraits an impression of a classical watch maker, we have to recognize the fact Vincero is a micro brand that only started watch making in recent years. Vincero does not have any in-house movement and mainly source for Citizen Miyota Quartz.

What stands out in Vincero Chrono S is the tasteful design and a good blend of value for money parts in the watch. Personally, I feel it is a pretty smart blue-ocean strategy to capture an under-served niche market that long for classy looking watch with reasonable quality and affordable price. Overall this watch matches really well with my white shirt, blue slacks and a part of brown leather shoes.

The Vincero Chrono S retails at RM775 but you can typically get 15-20% discount base on the promotion they are running all year long (just like many other micro-brands do) with free international shipping.

Some watch critics will argue that this watch is overpriced and you might as well get a Seiko or Timex. However, if Vincero Chrono S design makes your heart beat and owning one will make you happy, why bother what others think?
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Re: Vincero Chrono S
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