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Tissot Ballade Powermatic 80 COSC
« on: June 13, 2020, 02:17:42 PM »

Tissot Ballade Powermatic 80 COSC is an impressive watch with top notch quality at reasonable price.

It features an automatic movement with very long power reserve at 80 hour, which is more than double of the common automatic movements. Tissot achieved this by reducing 4 Hertz to 3 Hertz balance frequency. The hand tick 6 times per second instead of 8. For the untrained eyes, this is barely noticable. I personally welcome this engineering concept because by it channels the energy from a least noticable feature (smooth visual effect) to practical application of keeping the ticking for double the duration.

An impressive quality feature in this watch is certified by Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC). Swiss watches are among the best in the world. Out of all Swiss watches, only 3% of Swiss watch production are COSC certified. The top watch makers who certify their watches are Rolex, followed by Omega, Breitling, TAG Heuer and Panerai. Tissot also joined the big boys game in COSC certification with Ballade Powermatic 80 watch. It is very rare to find a Swiss watch with COSC certification at below US 1000 dollar. Tissot Ballade Powermatic 80 COSC is definately a hidden gem at this price point. Many Swiss watches (including Tissot) come with 2 years internationally warranty. However, with this COSC certified model, it comes with 3 years international warranty.

As opposed to common believe, an automatic movement watch do not just run forever. It needs to be serviced every couple of year. A partial maintenance in Tissot official service center will cost RM230. it covers adjusting the accuracy of a mechanical watch with replacement of the elements ensuring the watch's water-resistance (seals, crown, pushers, etc.). The Complete maintenance costs RM430. It covers complete disassembly of the movement for cleaning, oiling and replacement of worn parts or exchange of the movement. Includes all elements of the partial maintenance. Both of these service come with additional 2 years' service warranty.

This watch retails at RM3,800 in Tissot official store. You probably can find one at grey market like Jomashop with 20-30% discount without the official warranty. My suggestion is you don't want to be cheap in luxurious watches. I recommend you to get it from either the official store in KLCC or Pavillion or one of the authorized dealers.
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