Author Topic: Other Recreational Sports  (Read 6690 times)

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Other Recreational Sports
« on: November 22, 2012, 03:16:31 PM »
Any MWF members here into Darts (either hardtip or soft tip) or Archery?

I was introduced to darts 3 years ago, but only played the game annually(when the company organised its annual Darts competition among the workers. Was hooked to the steel tip darts game as the soft tip darts require one to pay per game ranging from RM3 - RM 6 per game.
Steel tip (or hardtip to some) is the traditional darts game played all over the world and made famous by the PDC in England. It requires a set of 3 darts and a dart board for one to start playing.

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Re: Other Recreational Sports
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2012, 08:30:08 AM »
I was fortunate enough to enjoy archery competitively during my high school years up until my early uni life.. its a mind game competition as well  as physical.. stop playing with bows and arrows as its rather expensive to me.. the bow itself will cost u rm2000~5000 (competitive recurve) depending on brand and weight.. but the most expensive is the arrow itself... some will cost u around rm1000 per dozen.. and its only the shaft.. not including the tip and the fletcher..  :HammerHead:

Tried the recreational archery also.. they usually use the wooden bow and without the use of the bow's sights.. instead to aim it u have to align ur eyes with the arrow and aim to target.. its a good option if u wanna try out archery~ just try to get the hang of things..

Used to play dart before.. previously owned 2 sets of steel tip darts.. got into the game because its one of the things that my friends and i do during archery training breaks.. either darts or pingpong.. but because usually theres alot of people lined up to play pingpong we usually resort to darts..  :Dancing_banana: and eventually got hooked. and start buying our own darts.

I've heard there are alot of darts bar popping up nowaday.. i guess they are using soft tip.. couldnt imagine after a few  :Cheers: :Cheers: ppl start throwing darts into other people faces~  :Laughing_on_floor: :Laughing_on_floor:

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Re: Other Recreational Sports
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2012, 02:26:24 PM »
Hello am_sober,
Wow, competitive archery. That is Nice.
For me, am interested in this sports after 2 or 3 times shooting arrows in the Mall (Berjaya & Sunway Pyramid). Was told a basic Recurve set will cost around RM700 c/w wooden riser, limbs, basic beginners sight, arrow string, nocking point, and a half dozen arrows, a soft bow and arrow case from LA Sports. I think the brand is SF.

As for darts, am still throwing it twice a week, not a pro but just interested in this game. Met a couple of "pro" darters in some of the pubs and also at a club in Summit recently.

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Re: Other Recreational Sports
« Reply #3 on: May 01, 2014, 11:34:25 AM »
I have been interested into darts since I was 16 but my parents won't allow me because it's expensive. Instead they put me into archery which I didn't like at first but found out that it was great later on so I don't insist on learning darts now.