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Seiko Sumo Solar Diver SNE437J1
« on: September 10, 2021, 03:31:34 PM »
 Hello MWF,

Its been a while but i have gotten the watch bug again after a long layoff, i'll start with a review.

Why you have to have this Seiko Solar diver in your collection.

Brief review of the awesome SNE437J1 “Sumoskx” ( I coined it 1st dibs). No pics tho its currently strapless...yes i ditched the awful SS bracelet.

I'm amazed as to why they are still so underrated, these buggers. Take a look at this beauty bastard child of a Sumo and SKX and you will know what I mean, I henceforth christened The Sumoskx (obvious name) . With a face of a Sumo, a wide body (43.5mm for those who like big girls like me) and hands off the SKX, what is there not to like? Well unless you're not turned on by any of these two, of which I confidently doubt no collector worthy of diver watches would dispute not to.

The thing with a Seiko solar watch is like this...those automatics would be calling you every 2 or 3 days to take them out to wind or wear it around (I sometimes shower with my diver while I’m home esp during pandemic lockdowns and unless they're on a winder of coz, but how many of us actually uses or have a winder? About 2.8% I'm guessing, whereas this solar baby will just keep going and working and ticking and humming away for...forever...seiko claims a full charge of 9 hours of indirect sunlight ( beside your window la...and not at night, genius) would give you...10 months yes that’s right folks , 10 mths of nonstop tiktoking...what? Sorry I'm a bit noob with solar watches. Oh and for those of you smarter ones who's wondering about overcharging, those flipflops from seiko are 1 step ahead of us idiots, well they’ve being on it since 1975….  They’ve masterfully put in an overcharging mechanism thingamajik so that the watch doesn't ahem, overcharge and explodes in your wrists, like some Chinese made electric cars fitted with Li-on batteries... And, the rechargeable battery only ever needs to be changed every 10 to 15 years (depending on conditions; weather etc.) at I dunno , guessing about $200? What's $200 15 years from now? Not only it'll be environmentally friendlier, instead of you throwing out maybe 10 batteries from a quartz watch in those 15 years so 10 batts x 1 million users (from sky) x 15 years x 2.5grams (approx weight of battery) = gazillion kgs of toxic metals and hazardous to our surroundings battery components (as if). There, you can now proudly tell yr friends you're doing your part already. Saving the planet by using solar (do our planet really requires saving or are we the ones whose f**ked (*side note - check out George Carlin's piece on the environment and earth, he'll tell ya). But sir... but sir, automatics doesn’t use batteries as well, so ah...shaddup, I'm supposed to write a praise review so you can take the autos and shove them up yr ()…..

Being also part of the Prospex family you can expect the usual build quality and toughness associated with the other higher end divers or on par perhaps...and at probably half the price. Oh the price huh u wanna know...just google to get the best deal but I can tell one thing for sure,  the satisfaction level u gonna get from this baby will definitely worth 2 or 3 times the amount you paid for it (well it did for average joe me)

More about the watch...if you're like me a bit OCDish and fussy about the hands and markers alignment...I just cannot tolerate misalignment of the two, this watch is a joy to watch (pun intended as I always wanted to say this), it just kept the line 99% perfectly straight, I should know, one time I was staring at it for about 20 minutes before mother nature called and even then I continued staring whilst s[h]itting on my throne. Just when you thought its about to go 'offside', the bugger went straight back. It's like watching err, well a clock second hand moving but it lines up properly so no disappointment there. A disclosure but I'm pretty sure this happens to not only mine but from those reviews and unboxing vids from youtube that I can spot as presumably all these watches have their hands and markers align as it tocks away.

The lumes are usual lumbrite seiko, screw down crown of coz and its comes with a cyclop at the date at number 3, which is love or hate these things...and as if nowadays we need to look at dates anymore designers and engineers please take note, we DO not require a day/date on our watches anymore than we ..........................(here yall can fill in yr own) I was gonna say ashtrays in cars, such a waste of space, we could've additional cupholders and cubbyholes for our phones and our vaping device ?... ..and we all got phones that err also tells the time but but that's another debate for another time.

Although there are 2 things that I personally have minor gripes with (and this also if you threatened to brainwash me to switch to dem fugly chronos):

1. The bracelet - just looked too blingy esp the middle part (not brushed) and feels hollow lite, but not really worrisome as we have plenty of aftermarket varieties to suit your whims and fancies. Just that I’d preferred that it came with a proper diver bracelet being a Prospex. So we have rubber, silicone, waffle, FKM, leather (who in right mind would leatherised their divers beats me), natos (which gonna be hard to dry after yr diving or swim so makes sense? ) and whatnots and ya...its 20mm lugs for those who are into these sort of detailness and...

2. Small oversight or at the expense of cost, of not having a signed crown, I like my crowns with logos thank you Seiko and quit being lazy and miserly. Well I'm sure majority of us like to have something to see/look at when we're sometimes oddly caught staring at our watch’s crowns at strange intervals between conversations.

And if you're like me who abhors chronos (really what good does it do having extra 2 or 3 circles/squares etc at the watch face?) , as to me they're just too messy to look at and clutters the true face of a watch like a pimply kid, I prefer something plainer(no such word but you nowarramean) so I can have the gesturic action of lifting my hands and posed to look at my watch if someone  happens to suddenly ask me what the time was or is or how many minutes or hours it is to the future or occasion or to just probably wanting to small talk , I'm midnight babbling here but do check out George's stand up on Saving the Planet... what I wanna say is the watch not only performs but it looks just like your usual other automatic divers that you love but you dont have to wind or shake or winder it. It's a true workhorse.  You only have to set the time out of the box once and thats it and probably in a year change the date 5 or 6 times (coz some months got 30 some 31 days so you have to…dang you get it). So hows that for preserving the crown's wear n tear? See how i cleverly market this piece of info...ahahahaha...

Being a tool watch that you can take anywhere and wear it casual or formal, this baby will take whatever you throw at it (preferably not a harder object than itself) and it'll probably survive a tractor crush, and it'll still be ticking on after it causes the tractor to overturn and calmly let's you pick it up and move on to your next agenda. Hence, this will be my daily for some time yet, dun worry me Sumos, I still luv you coz u got a body to die for and sexier than that chick from the 2nd last Transformer movie...

So now you know why, delay no more, go out and get one before these plain ones, (not the chronos as I find these are harder to source), sells out. SNE439J1 comes in 3 other...just go google the watch and put them in yr online reseller cart already...indeed, they're nice to own, 9 hours in the sun and 10 mths of nonstop power. It’ll still work when u take it out from the drawer/box...battery change every 15 yrs, what other product can you say can beat that with the same circumstances? Worse case u can always flip it as theres always a market for divers...or get those buggers to read this review...from my googling most stores have limited stocks as these have been around for years since 2017 for this particular model...why?..coz no one actually reviewed it like me, a proper buyer and user right? Did I mention no I did not, the plain ones also comes in the form of Tuna, Samurai? and Arnie as well, in all sorts of color combos. ...and ... drumroll .... the one to get would be the PADI models, nice color and rarer perhaps.

Ok, seriously my confession, the head honchos from the Seiko Solar Company (SSC – note how I again cleverly deciphered how dem seiko flers name their model header numbers ahem) have actually asked me to write this stellar review of the solar watch as sales have been a bit draggy apparently...and I'm getting paid for writing this...I hope...I hope to start a melee of solar watches purchase...or issit a melee of solar watch purchases, sorry my England, a tad confused there…

Just joking guys, but seriously I really really hope those seiko flers would take
notice of this review, sees that sales gonna rocket in coming weeks and appoints me as their solar brand ambassador,  alongside Novak, hemmm.

There you are, an offbeat review of the watch I think every worthy diver collector should have and must have, get this one and not the chro...( by now you would have guessed I'm not a fan of those pesky chronos), and who uses chronos nowadays other than those ppl who actually have to use chronos for work?  Well that's a topic to be discussed in another time and place alongside the significance of wearing watches in today's era, brought to you humbly and proudly by the guys from seiko who had just announced their new mascot ? I’m that willing).

And thank you seiko #thongsia, #seikomalaysia, #seikosolar #sumoskx #seikointernational advance...I do luv your other watches as well…sincerely; from your Sumo loving number ten million and twenty-eight fan…

NB – No for real, I’m not getting paid for this glowing review, so stop pestering the seiko flers…
     -  And no offence to those chrono loving hippies, you should get a life tho...

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Re: Seiko Sumo Solar Diver SNE437J1
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2022, 04:54:17 PM »
Prefer the new ones on the 6r35