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Agassi fans?
« on: August 16, 2020, 09:21:19 PM »
As I write this...I reminisce about the days when my friends and I will rush to the tennis courts right after school to play. In the sun, in the rain when the courts are hot or even when they are soaking wet.

The year is 1990 and we were in our teens. Tennis was a traditional sport. Played by people who wore boring clothes. Ivan Lendl and Stefan Edberg wore Adidas attire which we thought was the coolest at the time

This gave you an idea how “colourful and awesome” tennis shirts and shoes were back then.

Then suddenly, there was this kid from Vegas...flamboyant, talented. And with this new attire that was unseen and unheard of in tennis. So much so that Wimbledon has made him wear traditional white on white if we wants to play there.

Bright neon colours...flashy, futuristic...and to a teenager...the coolest s**t on earth. We wanted everything Agassi...

He started playing with the Original Prince Graphite oversize tennis racquet, followed by Donnay and finally the Head Radical.

So us kids wanted to play with Prince racquets too. Donnay was difficult to get hold of over here in Malaysia back then. And when we were old enough to work, we worked...saved, and made trips to Singapore to shop in Takashimaya to buy Nike tennis apparel worn by our hero, Agassi. Malaysia back then was not as up to date, as modern and it was a pain for us because we didn’t get what we yearned for...a pair of Hot Lava Air Tech Challenge 2 by Nike...Ah...being a teenager was one of those times where we had more wants than we can afford. So when college and uni days came along, we had to spend our money elsewhere, somewhere where we think is more important. GIRLS!!!

And the thought of having Agassi inspired clothing kinda disappeared. Till I started working. Making my first pay check...I actually bought a watch. A tag Heuer 4000 series. But love for tennis never waned. I played when I can. And tried as hard as I can to find friends to play with. But it was difficult to since moving to another country. And somehow my priorities shifted, again...

Well now that my kids are no longer that young and doesn’t need as much attention. I find that I have more time to play again, and for the past two years, have been consistently hitting the courts, once, maybe twice a month...more if I can. Have to make sure that I find someone to hit with ma...I find that my love for all things Agassi has not faded even if 30 years have passed.

I still play with a Head Radical. I still wear Nike shoes, and I still tingle with excitement when I see tennis stuff that was once used by Agassi. So I was super thrilled to somehow source a pair of Nike Air Tech Challenge hot lava that was reasonably priced.

I put them next to my Air Tech Challenge 3 for this photo op. The Tech Challenge 3 is now five years old and still worn carefully and with much love. The 2 is surprisingly more comfortable, softer and more flexible than the 3. It didn’t need any breaking in and has a wide forefoot which is so different compared to the newer flyknit ones. Now all I have to do is to source another pair...but nothing comes close in price. They are all super inflated now and hovering around the region of RM 1,000. I might pull the trigger...let’s see.

Any tennis kakis here?

Here is a recent shot...taken before Covid closed all the courts from play

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