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Farer Segrave
« on: January 03, 2020, 02:55:59 PM »
I bought a Farer Segrave about 2 months ago.

Farer is a British firm that designs, markets and sells watches. The watch is Swiss made. It's manufactured by Rowenta Henex (a white label firm). Farer was founded in 2015.

The Segrave costs USD1,950 and is only available on their website. There are no sales or discounts. I bought the watch with 2 leather straps. It came with a free engraving service and you could choose the serial number among the available numbers on the website. Buying and having it delivered was a seamless experience. No difficulties what-so-ever. The total invoice came to USD2,098. When the watch was delivered by DHL, they paid import duty of around RM380 + RM50 service charge.

More technical details and pictures are available here:

Selection criteria:
- My wrist is 6.25 inches and I wanted a watch with maximum 39 mm dial case. Lug to lug needed to be 44 to 45 mm
- I need a chronograph
- It must have a reliable movement
- It must have sapphire crystal
- It must be automatic
- It must be steel
- It must be at least 10 ATM.
- The caseback should be decorated.

My experience so far:
1. It fits perfectly on my 6.25 inches wrist. The lugs rest on the edge my wrist and the dial looks centered. The dial is 39MM. The watch is 45MM lug to lug and 12.5MM high. I think these dimensions are very reasonable given the chronograph complication available.
2. I use the chronograph all the time. Even though it's a bi-compax, I use the chronograph when cooking or to create time blocks for getting work done. It's easy to read except at 9:40-9:50AM or 9:40-9:50PM when the hands block the minute sub-dial.
3. The ETA 2894-2 Elaboré chronograph movement is accurate. 30 days after setting the time exactly to an atomic clock, I checked again and it had drifted 20 seconds slower -- so less than 1 second per day.
4. The sapphire crystals has not scratched or been damaged in any way despite getting hit a couple times
5. The automatic movement works well. Once or twice during the past month I took off the watch because I wanted to wind it but then the winding was a bit stiff, so I realized that it is already full wound and I decided to stop.
6. The case is 316L. Even though I've only had it for 2 months, I already have a deep hairline scratch -- I think I must have hit it against a grill while closing a window. Hard to notice the scratch though: you really have to stare.
7 + 8: The case is water resistant and I can see the decoration in the transparent caseback.

The problem I have found: the lume is not very good. When you are in the sunlight or there is bright light and you go into a dark room and you look at the watch the lume is bright. But at night when, for a couple hours, you are in dim lighting and you go into a dark room and you look at the watch, you really can't use it -- it's totally dark.

There is a brass crown. I saw a lot of comments where reviewers make a big deal about it -- I think it looks fine and unobjectionable. The hands and dial design are really colorful. I like the colors, but honestly, if you are looking for a very readable watch -- like if that is your main criteria for watch buying, you should get black hands on white dial.

I like this watch because it looks much better in person that a lot of the premium brand watches. I feel as though all the money I paid to Farer ended up in the dial design, the strap, the case and the movement. Very little ended up in the marketing and branding department.

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Re: Farer Segrave
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2023, 07:42:00 AM »
When I was hunting for my Worldtimer, Farer is 1 of the strongest contender for my collection. Lovely dial design. Great color scheme & awesome sizing option. If it were not for CW having a sale at that time. I would have pulled the trigger, despite they have a rather higher price point.