Author Topic: Franck Muller - Vanguard Gravity Event 26April2017, The Gardens Mall  (Read 4637 times)

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Franck Muller Geneve

Watches of Switzerland
The Gardens Mall
North Atrium

Wednesday 26th April 2017
7.00 PM

Launching of new Vanguard Gravity Skeleton Collection

Here are some nice collections ranging from minimum RM100k to RM595k.

Above are the Gravity Skeleton cost around RM595k to RM600k which is a super luxury collection

These are suitable for ladies and ranging from RM100k to RM200k+

I personally think the watches are awesome and they are like brother to Richard Mille if you know what i mean.
The designs are good and colors are getting sharp and fashionable.

Here is some photos of the MWG Facebook - [Malaysia Watch Group] admins and members that were invited to the event.

Malaysia Watch Group Facebook
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