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Malaysia Watch Forum - Rules & Guidelines
« on: December 29, 2009, 05:12:25 PM »

General Forum Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to Malaysia Watch Forum, a place on the internet whereby Malaysian watch lovers can share their common interest. While registration is free, members are required to abide by the following forum rules & guidelines which are not meant to restrict freedom but rather spell out the general guiding principles and policies which serve to maintain the quality of the website. By using this forum, you as members agree to abide by the forum rules and guidelines as spelled out below:

  1. Members shall, at all times, be courteous and respectful to one another. Personal attacks/insults, racist/sexist remarks and vulgar language shall not be tolerated.
  3. Members shall not post nor engage in discussions which are political and/or religious in nature. Sexually explicit posts shall not be tolerated.
  5. Please do not post off topic discussions except in the designated Off Topic area.
  7. Please do not post “For Sale/Want to Buy/Trade” items except in the Classified section. The Classified Section shall be solely for sales/trade postings of pre-owned watches of forum members (with the exception of the Merchants' Sales Corner). Watches which are listed as New in Box (NIB), Like New in Box (LNIB) or Brand New in Box (BNIB) or watches with open papers shall not be permitted.
  8. Please do not post items relating to inventory or items for sale at dealers.
  10. Please do not post links to auction sites, live or completed auction items.
  12. Please do not engage in discussions concerning available discounts, discounts offered, purchase discounts and/or net prices paid for watches purchases.
  14. Please do not post links or references to commercial watch sites (sites which offer watches and related items for sale).
  16. Please do not post items related to replica/fake products. Links/references to web sites engaging in replica products shall not be tolerated.
  18. Member signatures shall comply with the following guidelines (Member signatures not in compliance with the guidelines shall be removed without notice):
    • Links or references to personal non-commercial web sites are allowed.
    • Links or references to commercial web sites are not permitted.
    • Signatures shall not contain political/religious statements, sexist/racist remarks, offensive statements.
    • Signature graphics dimensions shall not be larger than 400 x 150 pixels and the file size shall not exceed 50 kB.
    • Signature length shall not exceed 400 characters.

Member posts which are not in compliance with the above rules and guidelines shall be removed without prior notice.

Violation of the above rules and guidelines may result in disciplinary action, and if non-compliance persist then may ultimately lead to expulsion from the forum.

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