Author Topic: Any Penang MWF members interested to yumchar coming 13th or 14th night?  (Read 2561 times)

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I'll be in Penang next Tues 13th & Wed 14th for my periodical gastronomical trip…

If there are any Penang MWF members who would like to get together on 13th or 14th night, it'll be nice to put faces to the nicks and share our common horological interest. If there are single malt enthusiasts, I'll be glad to bring along a bottle for an even more jolly time…if you prefer wine, that can be done too...

It would be great to go watch hunting together in Penang especially if you can share your friendly local ADs where you get great discounts...

Do pm me if you are interested and I'll create a group PM if necessary..

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