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10 Best Private Label Watch Manufacturers in China
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10 Best Private Label Watch Manufacturers in China

If you are looking for private label watch manufacturers in China, you are in the right place.

If you are creating an e-commerce watch brand, these watch manufacturers are the best partner for you to cooperate.

With our years of experience in the watch industry, we have curated almost the private label watch manufacturer in China and picked out 10 best private label watch manufacturers for you as an alternative manufacturer list in your watch business.

On average, the watch business generates lofty margins if dealing with credible producers. The ideal watches manufacturer will boost an assurance to retailers to meet their bottom line.

The manufacturer and the private brand owner must work hand in hand to produce an amazing result. Thus, it is wise to choose the best when it comes to this. Below is the list of 10 best private label timepiece manufacturers in China.

3 Wells
3 wells

When it comes to Shenzhen watch manufacturers, 3 wells is an alternative wrist watch manufacturer in China.

For more than 33 years since it was established in 1986, 3 Wells has gained reliability for watch production in China and Hong Kong. It has its offices in the aforementioned countries, and in Germany, too. It supplies to global and micro market brands.  The 3 Wells manufactures watches with automatic and quartz movements, to include ISA, Swiss ETA, Miyota, Ronda, and Seiko. The 3 Wells Watch company was accredited with DNV ISO 9001 certification in 1994.

The company finds expertise in high-quality stainless steel timepieces with a wide array of designs for fashion, sports, classic, diamonds and many others. They are experts in semi assembled and complete time gadgets for Certified Swiss Made watch.  From 2D to 3D designs, in-house engineers will gauge every feature for the client’s final approval.  Their staffs are highly certified and educated. The company is managed by Western and Asian timepiece manufacturing experts.

Montrichard Group
Montrichard Group

Montrichard Group is one of Hongkong watch manufacturers.

Producing watches for over 20 years, the Montrichard Group takes its spot in the industry. It has offices in Asia, Europe, and the USA. It is specifically located in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, New York, Philippines, and Switzerland. The company is a customary exhibitor of all significant global events, like Switzerland’s Baselworld and HKTDC in Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair. They specialize in ceramic, gold carats, sterling silver, steel, and titanium watch cases.

The company also offers services like full quality control lab with dedicated personnel. They have 2D and 3D design people that allow prompt prototyping services. Their multi packing systems are equipped with a security tag, bar codes and QR codes. The company also owns a warehouse facility for shipping via pallets.

The Montrichard Group assists clients in reaching goals. It is the only timepiece maker in China that utilizes Just-in-Time Manufacturing. The JIT inventory system is a strategy that allies orders directly with the schedule of production. This manner entails Montrichard to forecast demand with precision.

Moreover, as the industry has gone digital, the company also uses FINS. It is a web-based solution that allows customers to deal with their supply chain effectively. The Montrichard Group has partnered with leading electronic players and suppliers in Asia. It becomes the main player in the smartwatch production in 2014 due to modern technologies they have employed.


Bolong Watch
Bolong International Supply Chain Management Group

Established in 1993 in Foshan, China, Bolong International Supply Chain Management Group (BLSCM) is the leading OEM and ODM watch supplier. The company specializes in custom timepieces for brand watches retailers and wholesalers around the world. It has evolved into 5 business units to cater to manufacturing needs. This includes the Bolong Watch, Bolong International Supply Chain, Bolong International Logistics, Finance, and 1 Heart Brand Marketing.

In addition, the company owns the Bolong Watch Technology Research Institute and Bolong Business School, as well. It employs experts in the field of watches making for international brands. It supplies to clients all over Europe, the USA, the Middle East, and in Southeast Asia. Bolong brags about helping brands attain significant growth and become leaders in their areas. As a matter of fact, Bolong received sums of accolades and awards for its credibility. For many years in a row, the company garnered the most influential Whole Process Service Provider of International Watch Supply Chain.

Moreover, Bolong sets benchmarks and positions clients in terms of watch branding. It is their strategy design empowerment aspect. The company is also adapt in focusing and empowering on four categories: the product, competitors, users, and trends. They aid clients in enhancing brand value through improved packaging.

Bolong also utilizes an advantage via the integration of a supply chain management system. From information flow to material, fund, logistics, smart data, purchase, production monitoring, quality control, and cycle optimization. It is the company’s mission to help customers develop into regional leaders.

Meigeer Watch
Meigeer Watch

Established in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China in 1997, Meigeer Watch Company keeps supplying OEM and ODM watch services for clients in more than 50 countries around the world. This company is always in attendance to major watches exhibition, such as the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. As specialists in the field of watch manufacturing, the company houses more than 300 skilled employees. They have the capacity to produce a million timepieces annually. Their rigorous system in quality control is an assurance that the product’s dependability is of the highest quality, at all stages of production.

The company swanks of their self-sufficient stainless steel case and modern watch factory. They produce watches from styles to prototypes, quality control, packaging, shipping agreements, and for mass production in one stop solution. The company is well equipped with modern technologies and advanced facilities. Meigeer is known also for its in-house watch brands, Ruimas, Nakzen, and Megir.

Meigeer’s Watch Solution includes 2D watch designing done by expert designers who listen to the client’s ideas and specifications. An accurate quotation after the design’s approval is also rendered fast. After the mass production, the company assists customers to acquire important certifications of CE, RoHS and Reach, to name just a few. Delivery can be done door to door or upon the instructions of customers. Not just that, they render 2 years warranty for all items.

Chrono China
Chrono China

Started in 2014, Chrono China’s humble beginning gained credibility at present. It is founded by a group of watch specialists who are in the watch-making industry for 5 to 10 years. The company manufactures customized watches at affordable prices. They produce all kinds of watches but specialize in Chronograph timepieces.  Officially, Chrono China imports movements from Swiss ETA and Swiss Ronda.

This supplier brags about the capability to produce quality timepieces that are certified for stable and much longer watch life. The company guarantees 30 months and up to 60 months on the battery life of their timepieces. Per piece of their watch is assured that it passes clean face condition, timekeeping accurate, and waterproofing test. Their plant passed the production quality tests done by known brands such as Avon, Sedex, Disney, among others. Chrono China is the go-to company when it comes to quality custom watches offered at low cost as compared to bigger brands.

Customers may assign an inspection company at Chrono China’s plant to check for quality. Delivery of orders from Chrono China is done either by DHL or through the customer’s own forwarder. The company gives a 1-year warranty for manufacturing faults.


Built in 1987, FIYTA is a leading watchmaker known for its ingenuity. Originally, it is known as Shenzhen Feida Watch Company then dubbed as Fiyta at present. The company is an early pioneer of Hong Kong inspired horizontal business model. Their timepieces undergo the meticulous process to create a multiple functioning and automatic movement. As a fact, FIYTA watches won several awards when it comes to design creativity. Recently, their creations have obtained the Red Dot Design Award.

The company is widely known for its aeronautic collection. They produce automatic timepieces that are ready for the mission. They are manufactured in limited editions per model. The watch is powered by the brand’s automatic 30-jewel movement. Their watches have 45-minute chronograph that is meant for spacewalks timing.

FIYTA watches matches the classic design with sophisticated and modern technology. Their collections can also be seen in the aeronautic, motor, and sports industries due to their precision and dependability. The revolutionary breakthrough in 2007 brought about the invention of the ATiC method, which makes FIYTA materials sturdy.

Tian Wang
Tian Wang

The Tian Wang watches manufacturing company was founded in 1988. It was known at first as the timepiece maker for women who are in love of charm. Their first watch product was bracelet-shaped, stylish, and dazzling yellows. Such first product was enhanced in 1992 with a more shiny appearance that captures the soul of women of loves timepieces. In 1991, the company garnered many awards and commendations. Among others is the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone High-Quality Product of Analogue Quartz Electronic Watch.

Moreover, Tian Wang produced the first mechanical watch in 1994. The idea of adopting screws as decorative features were done. After a year, they manufactured the first ever all-tungsten steel timepieces. It is a sophisticated chiseled cubic design that shows and represents a bright and dignified trait.

Tian Wang produces the millennium commemorative series of watches. For them, it is a proper way of keeping time. It includes the Elite, Shine, the Dragon and Phoenix, and many more. They also started to manufacture 18k gold watches in 2004.

Hongliyuan Watch
Hongliyuan Watch


Established in 1992, the Hongliyuan Watch Industry has been focusing on manufacturing popular fine watches. It is famed in China for producing quality, and innovative styles watch. The company makes a crafted watch, gift watch, fashion watch, memorial watch, and promotional watch. They have clients around Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Hongliyuan or HLY boasts about their independent and creative R&D department that designs elegant fashion watches to go with the trend. All their products are tested and passed ISO9001, ROHS, and CE certificates. Every stage of production is highly monitored for quality. The company owns a case production department, dial-manufacturing, and assembling line.

HLY’s innovative team has a passion for creativity, integrity, open-mindedness, quality and effective marketing. They can manufacture up to 5,000 timepieces a year.

Shenzhen Yonghao Watch & Clock
Shenzhen Yonghao Watch & Clock

The Shenzhen Yonghao Watch & Clock company was founded in 1995 in Shenzhen. It is situated in the economic zone of Guangdong province, which is close to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. For more than 23 years, the company becomes one of the professionally managed watches suppliers in China. When it comes to high, medium and low-grade quartz, this company is the answer. They also offer OEM and ODM watches.

Shenzhen Yonghao Watch & Clock integrates their design, production, and sales to every stainless steel, brass, and plastic watches they manufacture. They have a standardized factory measuring 2,000 square meters that houses 70 professionals in the industry.  Their production capability is 300,000 timepieces per month.

Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch
Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch

Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch entered the scene in watches production in 2006. For over 10 years, the company produces various kinds of wood and bamboo, stainless steel, alloy, and silicone timepieces. More than 200 industry professionals are employed by  Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch. It is mostly composed of watches designers and technicians. The company passed the Sedex and Alibaba Accessed Supplier category.

For a decade, the Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch focuses on wood and bamboo timepieces. They actually own the widest bamboo and wood plant in the country. Apart from supplying private label watches, they have their own brand as well, called the BEWELL. Such brand offers hundreds of styles and designs according to the client’s needs. They also put forward crazy promotions to cater the growing needs.

Obtaining a watch producer for your own brand is a trend nowadays. Apart from having control over the appearance and quality of the product, clients find it economically wise. If you are in the industry of retailing and supplying your own brand, it is highly advisable to resort into it.

Finding private label manufacturer in China is a critical step for a business. Some specialists have made it out too complex. Nevertheless, it is not! Using the internet, you can find suppliers in a short period of time. You just need to look keenly. Avoid what it takes to avoid.

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