Author Topic: One-On-One: An Exceptional Interview With Rolex Ambassador Sir Jackie Stewart  (Read 3264 times)

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HT: Can you share a humorous/most memorable Rolex anecdote from your iconic racing career?

JS: A gentleman once stole a gold Rolex GMT Master in 1996 from my hotel. I was lying by the swimming pool and had fallen asleep, my watch beside my book. When I woke up, the watch was gone. I happened to know the chief of police in Malaysia and phoned him that it must have been someone in the hotel. The police was able to trace the man’s whereabouts and it turns out he had gone to the airport and gotten on a flight to Hong Kong. Little did he know that the police had connected with Interpol, which met the man at the gate when he got off the phone. Naturally, I got my watch back.

Malaysia boleh!!

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