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Ikepod KS edition 2019
« on: August 02, 2019, 03:27:31 PM »
hi friends and Forumers,

Well! need to clock some quality post. So decide to share my current acquired Ikepod KS Edition 2019.

some history -
Founded in 1994, Ikepod is a Swiss watchmaker founded by Oliver Ike (an entrepreneur) and Marc Newson (a designer that needs no further introduction). The name of the brand is a combination of Ike’s last name and earlier work by Newson called the Pod Watch (1986) and Pod Clock (1989). This explains the conceptual similarities between Ikepod's lineup and the Pod timepieces. The history of Ikepod is a complex one full of difficulties. In 2003, Ikepod went bankrupt and was later taken over by a New York art dealer, Adam Lidemann. At this point, the company started producing more exclusive pieces at higher prices and lower quantities. Although some of my favorite pieces were produced in this resurrected period, the company still had issues and Newson eventually left in 2012. Ikepod is still operating as a company but there haven’t been any new products or developments since then.

Was working in HK, and got expose to luxury watch scene (big mistake and Bank account burner), anyways, i was in love with a pre owned Ikepod - if not mistaken it was a chrono Megapode, and it was large..something like 50mm. i wanted to get it but the price was very steep at that time, since i could not afford it, i left it aside...

then .....back in 2018, saw Ikepod resurfaced in Kick Starter, and it was very very very much affordable. and without hesitating, i pulled the trigger on the KS edition Chrono.

but.... of course since the price was so much cheaper...there is a catch. the new makers decide to bring the ikepod back to the market with miyota quartz movement, and some design changes but still retaining the iconic ikepod design. now they are calling their watch models - Duopod or Chronopod (no longer hemipod / megapod)

the watch case is made from a 316L steel, high quality - well like most others branded watch..this is brushed finish and i would love to say i love it, but nope i do like it but its small at 44mm, it doesnt feel like its a 44m..maybe due to the dome or circular design.

the Dials are still beautiful, especially the spotted/ dotted dials. just love it...mine is the KS edition (exclusive for kick starter, but im sure they will sell on their website)

The movement is a Miyota based quartz, why not the automatic? dont know ..but must be due to cost, but at the price we are paying im sure they could use the auto movement. But i think due to reliability and also accuracy they might decide to use the quartz instead of the auto, since there will be less complains or send back for warranty claim or after sales service. since they are small setup, maybe near future the auto movement will be the next phase.

The strap, nope i dont like it, i prefer it was like the original Ikepod, but maybe due to some royalty or law issue, the original strap is look like the current strap that apple watch is using. well i believe ikepod started this strap design first...why it ended up with Apple using it...i dont know...and why the current ikepod cannot use it..must be due to apple buying the rights..or outright purchase the design of the strap. anyway! this is a Silicon based strap, its soft, its nice to wear..but i dont like it..its no longer has the originality of the ikepod..

well! so far, i just got the watch, its really nice, the time keeping is spot on, and the chronograph works fine, no issue there..but adjusting the time and also date, you will find its not like those high end swiss brands, its more like those cheaper japanese movement, when turning the crown, you feel like its abit loose and there are gaps...well...sorry not a pro, so dont know how to use the proper terms.

thanks...end of my review. sorry for being long winded.

here are the pics.
Current Possession
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean XL
Ball Engineer II Diver - Orange Dial
Benarus World Diver GMT - Black Dial/ Blue GMT hands (Limited Edition)
Luminox 3050 Colormark - Blackout
Casio G-Shock GA-100-1A1
Casio G-Shock GX-56-4

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Re: Ikepod KS edition 2019
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2023, 07:46:39 AM »
That's 1 awesome unique price. Greatly reminded me of Ciga Design Blue Planet. If it were not for my Phantasos Triclops, perhaps I would have pulled the trigger for it, to satisfy my unique spot in my collection.

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Re: Ikepod KS edition 2019
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2023, 02:39:57 PM »
I LOVED the ikepod when it was first released and had no idea it was relaunched 4 years back. Thanks for the heads up. Going to check the pre owned section for a pre loved item.

When the Hour Glass first launched these in the mid 90's I was obsessed by them but could never afford.

A few years later HG Sg also carried the first Urwerk watches that I loved but could never afford...