Author Topic: A Study on E-Scooters in Malaysia  (Read 3163 times)

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A Study on E-Scooters in Malaysia
« on: July 12, 2022, 08:20:10 AM »

Hello, we are from a university that is currently conducting a study to understand other Malaysian's perspectives and preferences on electric scooters/mopeds (e-scooters/e-moped).

This survey consists of five (5) sections:-
1. Demographic Information
2. Price & Maintenence
3. Technology & Design
4. Range & Charging Infrastructure
5. Misc

We would really appreciate it if you could take a minute of your time to answer our survey. There are 2 versions of the survey (English Version and Malay Version). Feel free to choose any language you feel comfortable answering in. Thank you in advance.

Survey Links:

English =

Malay =