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Re: Malaysian salary and expensive watches
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here are my 2cents..

msia has a lower purchasing power relative to singapore n most of the 1st world countries .... that means we generally can't afford a more expensive watch for the same job we do compare to our neighbour in singapore ... at the same time, my overeseas friends mentioned to me that malaysia is among the cheapest place to shop for watches (not sure how true)..

last point, also because we don't have a big demand for expensive watches, we do get the latest model slowly and sometime not at all..

i am new in this forum, and it surprised me to see that many in this forum could own nice pieces.. thanks

Malaysia is at the expensive end for watches in comparison to the UK or USA markets.

With GST ended, it makes it even more expensive. Australia is one of the cheapest in APac allied to its 10% GST refund upon exit.
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