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General Discussion - Modern Watches / Re: What is on your wrist (new)?
« Last post by dualcarb on Today at 11:43:56 AM »
Something a little different from Seiko in collaboration with Wired. The AGAM404

And a size comparison shot next to my MM300

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General Discussion - Modern Watches / Re: What is on your wrist (new)?
« Last post by skccks on Today at 10:06:24 AM »
Smart watch for today...

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Travel & Living / Best traditional food
« Last post by roadster on Today at 10:01:15 AM »
What and where to get? Please share
Would prefer to do it online instant transfer, might need few transactions in various banks for huge amount.
For cash deal, recommend to do it inside of the bank on the spot if everything is in order. Otherwise, it doesn't safe to count big amount of cash in public anyway.
Do the due diligence before committing any online purchase, payment method in paypal is one of the way to protect buyer.   
Good service experience so far, u may consider for it if u have high-end watches without warranty though.
Assuming u have made up the decision since u are able to tell the differences between these 2 models, considered the future value and maintenance aspects.

29 has a big date window at 4 o'clock, kind of legible in a quick glance, size wise is fit for most indoor and outdoor environments.

67-01 the indicators of WDH are meant for winding date and hands setting purposes, it seems like doesn't quite matching the Base and Minimal concepts as it's without the second hand. Size wise, it's perceives towards dressy and formal occasions.

On the other hand, RM have some collaboration with AP since the past, thus some of the technologies were adopted from AP. Idea and design are very much came from Mille itself. Branding image is pretty much appearing Sports and Status perceptions as endorsed by those Athletes and Celebrities most of the time.

IMO, no harm trying to get an RM if u really want to surrender all of your collections with certain top up amount. Service interval can goes up to 5 years or above since the movement is less complicated which compare to those single/double chronos, flyback, tourbillon etc.
On resale point of view in APAC, in fact SG, HK and IN are having quite an extensive markets to liquidate in cash or upgrade though.

Just my 2 cents IMO
Last night, out for some moonlight:

Recommendation (Good guys) / Re: bryanL
« Last post by dexson on Today at 08:32:32 AM »
Transacted another watch with Bryan this morning over breakfast. This time i was the seller.

This guy is a great knowledgeable buyer!
General Discussion - Modern Watches / Re: What is on your wrist (new)?
« Last post by sky7704 on Today at 08:28:51 AM »
Good morning All Friends !
Monday 1/2 Blue 🤩
Batman & me go with MRT !

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